“the completion of an essential bypass”



Piedmont, Italy

Implementation period

Design: 2004 – 2006

Construction supervision: 2008 – 2010


€ 23.000.000


S.C.R. Piemonte S.p.A. (ex ARES Piemonte)


Final design and Working plan, Environmental impact assessment, Safety coordination during design and construction, Construction supervision


The work configures as completion to the north of the Alessandria ring road, and as such represents the closing element of a larger and greatly awaited project aimed at lessening the congestion caused by traffic that uses the main arteries of the city to penetrate and cross the county.

The new road layout extends for approx. 2.2 km and includes two stretches of viaduct with an overall development of approx. 550 m, one which crosses the river Tanaro, and one which crosses the Alessandria-Milan railway line.

The new road network crosses a scarcely anthropized agricultural context that is characterized by great hydrogeological, environmental and landscape fragility. The presence of the river Tanaro causes a real risk of flooding, something the area lived through in the recent past. In this framework and for this reason the project is supported by an in-depth hydraulic assessment and a study on the environmental insertion of the infrastructure, which made it possible to design an effectively “permeable” work, with the reasoned distribution of hydraulic crossings and wildlife crossings.

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