“The best reference is a job well done.“

Dr.-Ing. Günter Spiekermann was managing director from 1968 to 1993. Spiekermann could listen, he could understand the challenge of the project in its entirety. He would take all participants on a journey together. During this journey, he was able to develop visionary ideas with great authority, a high degree of flexibility and full commitment. Ideas that not only kept an eye on future use, but also made it possible to think further ahead after the completion of the project.


Even after the Italian company NET Engineering International became involved as a new shareholder in Spiekermann, these values remained constant and they are consistently pursued by our active management.

The new slogan captures our many years of comprehensive experience in dealing with complex projects and variables that influence each other. In fact, Spiekermann has developed into one of the most efficient consulting companies for mobility and environment in Germany. With our services, our themes and our commitment, we create service packages for our customers that exactly meet their needs. And should the conditions or wishes change in the course of the project, we can react flexibly to this, because: “we know how”.


Spiekermann celebrates 50 years


Sale of the LRTC and focus on German business


Decision to open a branch in Frankfurt / Main


Opening of the branches in Hamburg (2004) and in Hanover (2008)


The Italian company NET Engineering International becomes majority shareholder


50% share in LRTC Light Rail Transit Consultants


Reorganisation into Spiekermann GmbH



Striking strengthening of competences in

Tunneling and Hydraulic Engineering – Founding of the Environment Division


Opening of the branches in Dresden (1991), Berlin and Magdeburg (1993)


First international projects


Opening of the branch in Stuttgart


Positioning as an expert in conceptual traffic planning in the context of general traffic planning in NRW; subsequently: Commissioning of the planning and construction supervision of some urban railways in the western Ruhr area and Rhine rail


Mr. Schlegel and Dr. Spiekermann found the Schlegel – Dr.-Ing. Spiekermann GmbH & Co KG based on the Ingenieurbüro Schlegel founded in 1931 ; The opening of the Duisburg branch follows in the same year