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The Challenge

Public Transport: the basic level of mobility of all citizens must be guaranteed. In addition, how can public transport become and remain a sustainable alternative to motorized private transport in terms of cost, travel time and reliability? Especially in metropolitan areas, traffic problems and pollution levels should be reduced without restricting people’s mobility…

The comfort depends essentially on short distances to the stops, the frequency of service and quick connections. Good intelligibility of timetables and tariffs, as well as dynamic information and modern vehicles, are also part of a powerful solution. Of course, the reliability of public transport is the determining factor for its acceptance

Time advantages result from separate routes, intelligent priority circuits at traffic lights and intersection-free crossings. Completely independent routes such as the construction of subways are the most efficient but also the most expensive solution.

Of course, we take accessibility into account when planning. High capacity utilisation and profitability are also relevant success factors. An optimal result benefits the society and the environment!


Conflict analysis

Mobility demand analysis, traffic count

Mobility master planning

Timetable optimisation and operating concepts

Integration of different means of transport

Analysis of optimal local traffic systems

Simulation of the effects on traffic

Standardised reviews

Integration into the urban landscape

Routing of the track layout

Preparation of financing and approval documents

Supervision of planning approval processes, development plan procedures and public funding.

Cooperation between clients, authorities, stakeholders and the public

Traffic structures (stops, stations including equipment, bridges and tunnels)

Surface drainage (building soil, environmental compatibility, safety)

Signaling and safety technology, overhead line and power supply

Operations control systems (RBL or ITCS), passenger information systems


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