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The Challenge

Water is the elixir of life and an habitat. Rivers and lakes offer both recreation and transportation. Groundwater is used and protected. Non-potable water is used in agriculture and industry. Rainwater and waste water are processed for reuse. We have to protect ourselves from excessive amounts of water. Water – one of the elements of our lives – is an intensively used and highly complex system.

With regard to waste water systems, the challenge is to equally meet the requirements of efficiency and the technical standards. This also applies to environmental protection. For the restoration of obsolete systems, it is essential to know up to what point a renovation makes sense and when a new installation is absolutely necessary.

In the areas of renovation and flood protection must be developed and implemented sustainable and viable solutions. The nature conservation requirements and the human utilisation demands, often conflicting, must be taken into account. We have extensive expertise and years of experience for these questions, which we are pleased to use for the benefit of our customers.


Water supply

Water extraction (wells)

Raw water pipes

Water treatment (drinking water, process water)

Water distribution (drinking water system)

Structural hydraulic engineering

Rainwater retention basins, rainwater clarifiers etc.

Flood protection and barrages

Dams and sluice-gates


Waste water and rainwater drainage

Waste water treatment (mechanical, physical, biological, chemical)

Pumping stations

Water rights applications


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