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The Challenge

Roads and Motorways: The topic of mobility is still very emotionally charged, especially in Germany. The expectation to be able to reach any desired location at any time, regardless of timetables, is associated with high demands on the quality and safety of the “street” traffic routes. No other system achieves this flexibility. The business location Germany depends on this flexibility.

The existing road network must therefore be maintained and adapted to changing needs. The loads to be transported grow heavier and heavier. Therefore, the requirements for coverings and bridges increase significantly. There is also significantly more traffic. The doubling of truck traffic strains especially the infrastructures. Intelligent solutions are needed to keep this extra traffic flowing safely on the roads available. Examples are constant speed- or traffic- control systems for rolling and stationary traffic. No later than the construction of additional lanes, the residents are entitled to noise protection. These examples impressively illustrate the complexity of the topic.

For decades, we have been able to front this complexity in hundreds of projects and we have gained experience. That is why we are a competent partner for the clients in the conception, planning and construction supervision.


Traffic counts

Examination of requirements and variants

Road routing

Traffic technology

LSA planning and performance studies

Creation of financing and approval documents

Supervision of the plan approval procedures, development plan procedures and public fundings

Cooperation between clients, authorities, affected parties and the public

Choice of road construction design (load capacity, safety, durability)

Surface drainage (building ground, environmental compatibility, safety)

Traffic structures (bridges and tunnels)

Road equipment with technical systems



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