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The challenge

Some structures have a strong influence on the perception of our cities and landscapes, other ones remain invisible to most of the public. Engineering constructions are integrated in all areas of the infrastructure, whether roads, railways, water bodies and waterways, airports or supply and disposal roads. Only when channels are broken, bridges or roads have to be closed, trains cannot run or floods flow over the dams, structures receive special attention again.

With the expansion of our infrastructure, new engineering structures have to be created on an ongoing basis, existing buildings must be extended or replaced by more efficient facilities. Existing facilities must be maintained, renovated or replaced at the end of their lifespan. Criteria such as durability and sustainability have become increasingly important toward topics such as structural capacity or serviceability. At the same time, it should always be realized an aesthetic design.

Based on the current rules of technology, we design, plan and evaluate engineering structures in the constant awareness that we are shaping the world of tomorrow.


Engineering structures for roads, trams and light railways, railways, special railways, airports, pedestrian and cycle paths such as: bridges, tunnels, trough structures and much more

Engineering structures for water bodies, water supply and sewage disposal: dams, storage basins, shaft structures and much more

Other engineering structures such as foundations, surface reinforcements, excavation pits

Concrete, reinforced and pre-stressed concrete, steel, composite steel, masonry, wood

Special civil engineering, building material technology, precast construction

New buildings, replacement buildings, conversions, extensions, renovations, repairs

Feasibility studies, expert reports, object and structural plannin, building inspections, damage diagnostics, construction phase, construction schedule

Accompanying approval procedures, construction implementation, manufacture supervision


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