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The challenge

Airports are important economic factors as they provide measurable location advantages for a region. Airport operators must constantly face challenges such as new or stricter environmental or safety requirements. In addition, more advanced generations of aircraft and the increasing demands on handling processes make a constant infrastructural adaptation and expansion necessary. The “non-expansion” of these important and complex infrastructure facilities would mean a step backwards…

Whether in case of new installations or maintenance, every building measure, especially in the airside area, must be adapted to the individual operational and functional situation. The prerequisite for successful projects is process and logistics planning at a very high level. While working in sensitive areas, the safe handling of flight operations has absolute priority. At the same time, the economic construction process must be reconciled with high quality and quantity requirements – of course in compliance with all relevant guidelines.

To design this complexity – from all the single works to the general planning – is one of our specialties.


Air traffic operation areas

Master planning

Take-off and landing runway, taxiways and apron systems

Airfield lighting system, navigation and ILS facilities


De-icing surfaces

Underfloor supply systems

Storage and drainage facilities, retention systems

Airport infrastructure

Passenger terminal

Freight and technical hangars

Energy stations and shipyard facilities

Land traffic connection

Motorway and railway connection

Passengers transportation systems

Priority areas and parking decks


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