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The NET Group

A multinational company with a ‘family-run’ approach, always close to the needs of customers

NET Engineering International is a private and independent multinational business organisation based in Italy, that has been active in the field of engineering and transport infrastructure technology for the last 40 years. With a strong presence in Europe and now also in Latin America, our core competence lies in the area of ​​mobility. Nevertheless, we are also significantly active in the water and environmental sectors. Particularly noteworthy is that we keep always a medium-sized philosophy and mindset, despite the continuous growth of the company.

Our independence from construction companies, suppliers and manufacturers is very important to us. We provide highly qualified technical advice and planning with the aim of offering our customers feasible solutions, not allowing further problems to occur.

Over the years, we have always believed and invested in research and development. In this way, we stay innovative and we can offer smart and well-designed solutions to complex problems. Against this background, we maintain close relationships with various universities.

Organisational chart of the group

Unternehmensgruppe - Organigramm der Net Gruppe


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Research & Development

At NET Engineering International we have always believed in the added value that research and development bring. Even in difficult times we have never lost this belief, neither in theory nor in practice. Only thanks to our constant economic investments, we stayed innovative and always one step ahead of the others in our industry. This is the reason why we have founded a research and development center called NET Lab. It has been designed as a training venue, where scientific and cultural debates and studies lead to valuable insights that can benefit both NET and its affiliates.

Our primary intention is to provide the Group with the best tools available in order to offer complete, modern and far-sighted solutions. We also look forward to using NET Lab’s research and lessons learned to contribute to the positive development of our society in a proactive and reactive manner.

At NET Lab, an outstanding team of professionals, scientists and technical experts is working on the guidelines for the future to analyze, develop and implement highly innovative solutions in the areas of Infrastructure for Mobility, Intelligent Transport Systems, Public Transportation, Logistics and Freight, as well as Construction Technology,

Flows. Modeling mobility is the title of the thematic blog of the Center for Applied Research: read  here about topics such as the movement of goods, people, ideas, cultures and innovation, as well as infrastructures for integrated mobility.