The Challenge

Water is the essence of life. Rivers and lakes offer wonderful landscapes and environments that are ideal for spending free time, but at the same time they are also important transport routes.

Water resources are subject to intensive use: protecting the water tables and correctly managing and draining the surface water are essential requirements for maintaining delicate environmental balances.

In this sense, the challenge lies in suitably reconciling the requirements of economic rationality and environmental sustainability with current technical standards. In order to redevelop old plants, for example, it is fundamentally important to understand if it is better to intervene on an old system or if a new one is absolutely essential.

In the sectors of restoration and protection against flooding, sustainable and far-sighted solutions must be found that consider both the aspects tied to environmental protection and the need to use the water resource, often in stark contrast with each other. Spiekermann has many years of experience in this ambit and all-round technical skills.


Water supply:

Water purification (wells)

Pipes for unpurified water

Water treatment systems (drinking water, industrial water)

Water supply systems

Hydraulic engineering:

Reservoirs for rainwater, purification tanks, etc.

Flood protection systems


Disposal of wastewater:

Drainage of wastewater and rainwater

Treatment of drainage water (mechanical, physical, biological, chemical)

Treatment of processed water

Water-scooping plants

Requests for water resource exploitation

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