The Challenge

The theme of mobility has strong repercussions on the social level, above all in Germany. The expectation of being able to reach any destination at any moment, independently from public transport timings, blends with the extremely high standards requested in terms of road infrastructure quality and safety. No other transport system can equal the flexibility offered by an efficient road network, and this flexibility is what the German economic system depends on.

This is why the existing network must be continually updated to meet changing needs such as, for example, the increase in heavy traffic. To guarantee the safety and efficiency of heavy traffic flows, intelligent solutions are needed like the use of constant speeds or systems for controlling moving and stationery traffic. When new lanes are constructed to enlarge the road system, the urban settlements that are involved need suitable protection systems for acoustic pollution.

This example witnesses the extreme complexity when designing roads, a complexity that Spiekermann has always known how to face in hundreds of important projects, becoming a sector reference point.


Traffic surveys

Mobility demand analysis

Road layout tracing

Traffic monitoring systems

Design of traffic light systems

Analysis of the efficiency of road circulation systems

Consultancy in project, plan and public financing approval procedures

Consensus building

Road safety

Environmental sustainability

Rainwater drainage systems

Road structures (bridges and tunnels)

Urban fabric

Acoustic protection

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