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The Challenge

A logistics chain requires different transport routes and varied storage sites. Numerous connections between the origin and the destination are necessary. The transport routes Germany has available (water, road, railway and air) and their combinations give rise to a highly complex system in which costs and time are the most critical factors.

The transport of various types of freight (bulk carriers, groupage shipment, liquids, containers, dangerous freight) must be increasingly reliable, easier to plan, and better answer the clients’ needs by developing suitable solutions for the increasing volumes of incoming/outgoing traffic.

In addition to the infrastructural network, however, platforms for loading and unloading with systems that are suitable for lifting and moving freight must also be created.

System engineering, territorial, transport and mobility infrastructure planning: Spiekermann can place all its multidisciplinary skills in the logistics and freight transport sector at the service of its clients.


Traffic and transport analysis

Simulation of impact on traffic

Interports, intermodal transport hubs

Freight rail yards, railway layout tracing

Connection to the road and railway networks

Operating model

Parking and storage areas (dangerous and safe freight)

Water network and supply systems


Signalling and telecommunication systems

Depots, workshops and other complementary buildings


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