The Challenge

Well-designed structures must allow all the activities that are conceived to be carried out at an optimal level, balancing the requirements of solidity, functionality, aesthetics and economic efficiency.

Clients, partners, users and all the other stakeholders must be involved and coordinated during the design phase.

Spiekermann pays particular attention to the sustainability of construction interventions, programming the use of innovative materials and placing the efficient use of resources as its main objective. During the design process, therefore, aspects such as the lifetime and flexibility of use of the buildings to be constructed are always considered.

In addition to the economic and social aspects, Spiekermann attributes great importance to the problems of the environment and the ecological quality of the structures to be designed. The accurate selection of building materials without harmful substances for health is essential in order to create healthy spaces that are people-oriented, able to satisfy the needs of clients and end-users.


Bus and trolleybus depots

Workshops for maintenance and repairs

Administration offices and buildings

Technical buildings

Railway stations

Shopping centres

Acoustic and thermal insulation interventions

Enlargement, rehabilitation and refurbishment of
existing buildings

Consultancy on renewable energy sources


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