“the strength of a multinational group”

The NET Group

A multinational company with a ‘family-run’ approach, always close to the needs of customers

NET Engineering SpA belongs to the multinational NET Engineering International SpA, a group of highly esteemed, reputable and reliable engineering companies strategically located in different national markets, and constantly present at European level, with over 40 years of significant experience. This is all thanks to a very good track record of successful projects achieved over the world in various fields of expertise.

The NET Group has kept its native family-run business approach pumping in its DNA. This is a strong characteristic that distinguishes our approach when compared to those of other large-scale multi-national companies.
It is only in sitting by a client’s side and adopting a flexible, two-pairs-of-hands approach that we can really offer suitable, long-term solutions to satisfy every need of our clients and projects’ stakeholders.

Organizational chart of the group

Unternehmensgruppe Ingenieurgesellschaft Spiekermann GmbH Consulting Engineers und NET Engineering International
Organigramm Unternehmensgruppe Ingenieurgesellschaft Spiekermann und NET Engineering


Logo NET Lab - Ingenieurgesellschaft Spiekermann GmbH Consulting Engineers

Research & Development

It is only thanks to a constant economic investment that the NET Group have kept innovating and managed to stay always a step ahead in its industry, even during tough times.

This is the reason why we set up a research and development centre called NET Lab. It was conceived to become a ‘gym’ where scientific and cultural debates and studies could generate findings through which both NET and the communities in which its subsidiaries are present could benefit.

Our will is to primarily make available to our Group the best instruments necessary to offer complete, modern and far-seeing solutions. Secondarily, we are happy to use the studies carried out by NET Lab and the findings thereof in order to contribute in a pro-active and re-active manner to the positive evolution of our society.